Why Choose E Cigarettes?

Their style can be quite deceptive…

Just when you think you’ve noticed someone smoking in a public place you get closer and take a whiff. You were fooled by the similarities, but are now impressed by the differences. The topic is e-cigarettes, which is quickly becomingĀ a modern answer to an old-fashioned problem.

Smokeless CigaretteIntroducing E Cigs

E cigs mostly look like standard cigarettes. Consumers often even hold them the same way. They are the same size, produce fluffy clouds when you puff on them that resemble tobacco smoke, and even provide a nicotine boost that many smokers enjoy.

How can something that looks like a cigarette and still contains nicotine be better than the real thing? The easy answer is that it is not really a cigarette. Also, what you have to remember is that a traditional cig contains many toxins which are absent from e cigs.

Alternatively, ‘vaping’ just produces water vapor and you don’t have that nasty smell or the ash and all that comes with tobacco cigs. One huge plus is you will inevitably save some hard-earned cash with vapor cigarettes.

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The Cloud

Take a look at that fluffy white cloud coming out of the end of an e cig. Does it look different from what you are used to? That is because the cloud is definitely different from what is emitted from the end of a regular cigarette. The electronic cloud is made of vapor. It is clean and pleasant-smelling with the aroma of whatever tobacco or other flavor you choose to put into your electronic cigarette.

By contrast, the cloud from a normal cigarette is grey-brown, dirty, and smells of a musty cushion seat sat on by hundreds of bottoms, one which clings to clothing, hair, skin, and the very air where someone has been smoking.

You can smell that someone has been smoking in a spot for several minutes after the smoking has stopped. The aroma lingers. When you catch up with your friend for lunch, the scent of toxic tobacco hangs onto clothing, making you feel too nauseous to eat your sandwich.

A vapor cloud behaves similarly, but the aroma is much more pleasant. It does not reek of old socks and unwashed clothes. Bystanders do not mind being near someone as they smoke an e-cigarette, or even being in the confines of a car with somebody who is smoking ecigs.

Electronic Cigarette Basics

An e cigarette company sells its products as part of a kit to get you started. The kit comes with a charger, USB, a rechargeable battery, and cartridges of flavored nicotine, as the absolute essentials, and up from there.

Nicotine strengths range up to more than 2%, and on down as well for someone who wants a smaller dose of nicotine. Flavors become more exotic and varied regularly, making this an emerging market place.

For instance, you can buy an ordinary tobacco-style cartridge which smells and tastes like a clean version of ordinary cigs. You can also buy something like a mint tea or bubblegum. Finally, if you want to explore the whole array of available flavors then there are such favorites as chocolate, espresso, and even a plethora of fruit varieties too.

Smoke one of these items in your car using a portable charger, or plug it into your computer. You can smoke, or vape rather, in many places where the latter is banned. There are some regulations being instituted in some public places, though anyone in your vicinity will immediately agree that what comes off of the electronic version is a universe away from its tobacco-based cousin.

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