Bloog Cigs Review

Bloog e Cigs have been getting a lot of attention as of late, but where to they fit into the spectrum of best vaping devices available on the market?

Well, they are definitely falling into the top 20 of most polls being released these days, and that’s saying something considering the hundreds of products that seem to emerge on a monthly basis.

There are quite a few starter kits to choose from and most are saying that this vape offers a ‘throatier hit’ than most on the market.

There are also several great e liquid flavors to choose from.

Check out a couple of videos to see if Bloog is the electronic cigarette for you…

There ya have it, 2 unsolicited points of view on the topic at hand. Of course, you can find our favorite vaping products on the site by checking out the sidebar and seeing what we have to offer via various vendors.

Enjoy and happy vaping!

bloog e cig review

Wanna read more about this up and coming product line? Here’s a review a friend of mine whipped up for your viewing pleasure.

And, I quote…

“When looking to curb your nicotine intake and stop smoking traditional cigarettes, it’s a good idea to read as much as possible about your e cig options. This will give you all the information you need so you can make an informed decision.

Bloog offers its customers many different options and can allow you to customize your vaping expression.

The Bloog Deluxe eCig Starter Kit Includes:

2 MaxxFusion batteries
A pack of 5 cartomizers
USB charger
Wall adapter
2 velvet battery pouches for storage

You can also choose the Bloog Ultimate package, which contains all that the deluxe kit offers, along with a car charger, USB pass-thru battery, and a PCC.

Bloog’s prices range from $39.99 to $109.99, depending on which type of package you choose. They offer customers a 3 month limited warranty and a 35 day money back guarantee.

At this time, Bloog has 16 different flavors you can choose from, like All-American, black cherry, spice, bloogberry, chocolate and much more. You can easily change your flavor to match your mood or preference at any time.

One of the biggest positives is their long-life battery. The KR808 is higher in power than the 510, which is standard in many eCigs. In a recent test, it was found that these batteries offered around four hours of power. With this battery you will not even have to ‘prime puff’ and you can get a full draw from the very start. Bonus!

If you read through any reviews you will hear a lot of talk about the large plumes of smoke people experience. Unlike some other brands, Bloog truly satisfies with thick smoke so you know you are getting plenty of satisfaction with each draw.

The only drawbacks are the limited money back guarantee and the unimpressive packaging, which can easily be overlooked. Otherwise, most users are very happy with the product and state they would recommend Bloog vapes to their friends.

With excellent products and customer service, you cannot go wrong by ending your smoking days by starting with this option. This eCig will give you the full feel that regular cigarettes once did with much less risk and a lighter hit to your wallet.”

There ya have it, huh?

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