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E cig reviewers break their commentary down into several parts. They explore the power of a cigarette, price, and look. They talk about flavors, environmental considerations, and convenience. If you have thought about switching to e cigs from regular smokes, read several e cig reviews posted on various sites not linked to any manufacturer.

V2 CigsLooks

An e cigarette looks much like a regular cigarette. It is long and cylindrical. Get closer, though, and you see that this is a sleek replacement for the regular rolled item. Some versions are glossy and colorful. Certain ones are shiny but simple. They can be slender, really slim, or stubby. Certain brands have crystal tips.

One version of the e cigarette features two parts you can mix and match. Four colors include “Champagne” and “Deep Purple.” One part is for the cartridge, the other for the battery.


With the attractive mix-and-match version above, you are not getting a lot of power because of the battery size. This has been developed to fit the appearance of this slim item, not to make it a powerful cigarette. When you inhale, it might be a less potent flavor you enjoy, though still clean and pleasant.

When you choose an electronic cigarette for flavor and strength, the battery matters. You want to be sure you get one that holds a decent charge. Compare and contrast several versions, realizing that they are not all made alike. It might not be possible to use one maker’s battery in a different e cig to get more power out of the form of cigarette you like and the flavor of nicotine you prefer.

Most starter kits come with all you need to charge and fill an e cig. If you want a USB input or car adaptor, they might or might not be included. Read the list of items included carefully.


This is where things get interesting. There is no such thing as plain old tobacco with e cigs. Flavors of tobacco are different with each company, or at least they have different names. Like regular cigarettes, there is still variety in tobacco flavors and aromas.

Then there are fruit and specialty flavors, something you never enjoyed as a regular smoker. Options include cherry, espresso, and cool mint. Imagine what those would smell and taste like, not just for you, but also for people walking past as you smoke or inhaling the odor from your clothes when you finish. Share a car with someone who smokes fruit-flavored e cigs and notice how pleasant it smells.


The one thing some smokers might not like about electronic cigarettes is the amount of work they have to do. Really, there is no work, but it seems like a task to change and charge batteries and flavor cartridges after puffing on normal cigs and throwing them away. Reduce your work by purchasing pre-filled cartridges, not ones you refill from a bottle. Select items with long-lasting batteries.

Also, consider buying disposable e cigarettes. Some people would say this defeats the purpose of switching over, but it only defeats the environmental purpose. You still get the same clean experience. Studies cannot be done yet since e cigs are relatively new, but it is clear that they are not as toxic or dangerous as regular cigarettes. Disposables are great for traveling.

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