Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

When you first try an electronic cigarette, there are several parts you need by default. They include the cigarettes themselves, nicotine cartridges, a battery or batteries, and a battery charger. There could be a few other items that are useful or necessary, and they are all included in a starter kit. Your usual battery charger might not work with the ones you need for electronic smoking.

V2 Cigs KitWho Markets E Cigarette Starter Kits?

All the popular e cig brands sell starter kits to attract new customers. They all have their own websites, but some e cig sites sell a variety of brands. Conduct your research by consulting lots of sites as a means of comparing kits.

Even though a starter kit is a complete set of necessary items, individual companies sell different types, like deluxe or his-and-hers kits.

Value of a Starter Kit

Why would you buy a starter kit in the first place? What if you decide you like a different brand better than the one you buy a kit from?

Assume that you have purchased some disposable electronic cigarettes from a particular company and liked the way they worked, the strength of vapor, and the flavors. Maybe you tried someone else’s e cig and heard from this friend that he liked the brand and was sticking with it.

Now you are going to switch over to electronic cigs instead of the real things, but there are lots of pieces you need. Buying a kit does two things. One is that it prepares you with all necessary parts in one convenient package. You do not have to think about parts. The other advantage is that buying a kit is cheaper than picking up each piece one at a time.

What If You Do Not Know Which One to Choose?

If you have no one to ask about e cigs and are not interested in disposables read lots of reviews. They talk about the cost, flavors, vapor strength, and how easy they are to use. While a brand looks like good value on the face of it, you want one you think is going to suit your needs in the long term. Parts from different brands are not necessarily interchangeable due to varied battery sizes, cartridge differences, and the fact that some e cigarettes come apart into three pieces instead of two.

What Is and Is Not Included?

A starter kit might or might not include a second battery and a case. There is not usually a car charger, but one should be sold separately, or you can get a high end kit that includes everything.

Flavor cartridges come in lots of choices. Your starter kit could come with an assortment or choose a single flavor. First-timers usually want a selection. They just need to choose their strength: anything from 0% to over 2% nicotine.

Styles and Flavors

Whatever starter kit you come up with, there is always a certain look to the brand. They get fancier all the time, with tips that light up to look like flames or bright crystal lights. Some cigs have interchangeable color and pattern options so you can be as classy or funky as you want.

The flavors you like best also contribute to an impression. Passion fruit, cherry, and other fruit flavors are casual and fun. Mint styles leave a cool impression. Chocolate or espresso nicotine is social and classy.

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