V2 e-Cig Starter Kits – Pros And Cons

v2 starter kits

The V2 e-Cig is the newest brand in the e-cigarette market. Even though it is new, the quality is considered by many smokers to be, by far, the best out of them all. The company boasts over one million satisfied customers around the globe in a such short period of time.

I ordered the V2 starter kit as it was the best option for a starter like me. The company has 5 starter kits for different prices. The beginners kit is priced under $35, and consist of one standard automatic battery, one express charger, (6) V2 flavor cartridges and 1V2 disposable. The flavors include menthol, red tobacco and many more. The nicotine strength is 1.8 percent.

The standard kit comes with (2) V2 batteries, a wall adapter, (10) V2 flavor cartridges and a V2 manual, plus a smart charger. It can be purchased for under $60. There are another three kits that can be purchased for different prices, but are highly priced than these two kits.

The vapor concentration is very high compared to other brands. There are many nicotine strengths that start from zero percentage and go up to 19%. There were no negative reviews about this product on the net that we could find, but ya know… everybody has there favorites.

With my own experience, I can virtually guarantee that this is a great product for many of the e-cigarette lovers currently roaming the planet. That’s my personal V2 cigarette review.

v2 ecig starter kit

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