Rachel Ray Talks About eCigs

OK, so now there are a few celebrities who are throwing their hats in the eCigs ring.

Katherine Heigl can be seen smoking on Letterman.

Stephen Dorff can be seen lobbying for patriotism via free choice on Blu Cig commercials.

And now Rachel Ray has tackled the subject on her show with a ‘doctor’ guest, who at least had a working knowledge of what he was talking about.

rachel ray ecigs

I’ve never been a Rachel Ray fan so I have no problem showcasing her ignorance for all those who are interested in watching her make an ass out of herself. I think my hatred for this dolt stems from her $40 A Day show which used to air on Food Network…

Clearly the servers she dealt with were being under-tipped as part of her savings, so screw her. I have this on good authority ‘cuz I’ve worked in the biz.

Here’s the video with Rachel and some doctor guy, and then the guy who posted it on his YouTube channel weighs in with his own 2 cents which I found to be rather interesting compared to listening to Rachel’s drivel…

Now, I don’t begrudge others their own opinions, ‘cuz that would be elitist and just plain wrong, but at least bring an intelligent argument to the table. In other words Rachel, do a little freakin’ research before the show is being filmed, so you have a working knowledge of what you’re discussing and not just reading from a flashcard!

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