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What are the best products on the market for people just starting to think about switching to electronic cigarettes? Manufacturers will, of course, tell you theirs is the best brand. Consumers have their opinions, too, and have often shared them online. Right now there are few brands as the industry builds up, with more names being added to the competition once in a while. You can expect to see this list grow as e cigarettes grow in popularity.

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In the meantime, which ones are the best for you?


First of all, your pocket book has a say in this decision. The product that you are drawn to may be the one that saves you the most money. Ultimately, a smoker switching to e cigs will save money by re-using cigarettes and recharging batteries. Financial benefits will emerge quickly. Starter kits require an initial outlay which pays for itself within weeks for the regular smoker.

Each company’s kit, or selection of kits, is a little different from every other company on the market. The prices differ too. What about long-term use, however? Everything wears out. What are the costs involved in using e cigs over time? And what if you want to add pieces, like a car adapter or USB cable to smoke at your laptop?

One of the costs is replacing batteries and other parts when they stop working. As said above, everything wears out, including charges and cables. Simply work out what it costs to replace these at the manufacturer’s website and whether or not other brands are compatible. In some cases you can adapt something else to the use of your e cigarettes, something used with another electronic item.

Nicotine is probably your biggest outlay unless you smoke disposables. Who makes this as cheap as possible? Then again, is cheap all there is to this comparison? You decide.


One company lets consumers replace their nicotine from a bottle. They just refill cartridges for several more uses and do the same several days later when the cartridges are empty again.

Some consumers would say this saves them money, but there is the possibility your refills will leak. Also, in some cases, the evenness of aroma and flavor is not present with refills. Reviews often mention which cartridges get weaker as they are used longer and which ones are consistently powerful and enjoyable.

It could be that replacing your cartridge is the best answer to this issue. Each one is brand new, while refillable ones are more likely to leak over time.

Another question you have to ask is what flavors of nicotine you like. Not everyone cares as much about this as the notion of holding a cigarette in his hands and the habit of smoking. If you are a stickler about flavor, take a look at choices.

Every company provides its own selection of tobacco options, with or without a menthol choice. One brand sells exotic flavors such as espresso and cherry.


E cigarettes can seem like fiddly little things, with three parts and a cartridge to insert. They are small, like regular cigarettes, so if you aim to simplify the experience go for a two-part cigarette. Some people really notice the difference in having one less part to play around with. They find smoking more relaxing and there are fewer pieces to lose.

They can also opt for disposables. Although they lose the financial and environmental incentive of smoking e cigs, they maintain the health benefits.

Read the Internet

Lots of consumers have chosen independent websites not connected to any brand as their venue for sharing the pros and cons of each make of e cig. Read their reviews before coming up with an opinion of the best brand.

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