South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke has everything the other electronic cigarette companies have and at competitive prices. They have made their mark on the e smoking scene. Why, though, would a consumer choose SBS over the others? Are they somehow different and better? Why are they featured in some pop media and favored by several celebrities?

South Beach Smoke Starter KitWhat Customers are Saying

Almost every review for South Beach Smoke seems to stress the positive. Customers love this brand. They feel the product is high quality. The company is good to customers and provides ways to reward them for loyalty.

Consumers often comment that choosing SBS electronic cigarettes was an instrumental move in breaking the tobacco habit which was ruining their health and making them smell bad. Now they can smoke in areas which were off-limits to them when they lit-up old-style cigs.

This does not mean customers are comparing South Beach Smoke with other brands. In fact, some individuals tried this name once and were instantly impressed without looking around. A few consumers commented about their lack of satisfaction with electronic smoking prior to trying SBS, when they were converted to the idea.

Even if a customer has never tried other names in e cigs, why would someone go from SBS to another brand if he was happy where he was? The only reason to switch would be if price incentives were especially good at other websites and quality was equal or better. So, are there better prices and products for individuals who shop around the web?

Pricing on E Smokes

No matter what brand of e cig you choose you will save money by switching to electronic cigarettes. Ordinary cigs are a huge expense. One customer reported saving almost 40% after switching over. Each flavor cartridge is the equivalent of roughly 1 ½ packs of cigarettes, equating to about $1.40 per pack.

A Home Delivery Program also helps cut costs. If you want to get monthly refills sent automatically, cartridges cost significantly less. This is a savings of time, money, and hassle. The program is apparently flexible to accommodate various delivery intervals and amounts per shipment.

South Beach Smoke disposables get you started. After that you can buy a starter kit, keeping the price down at the very beginning by purchasing all items in one package. This is less expensive than buying them individually.

You get free shipping on orders valued at over $100. Watch out for special deals and you might save more money.

South Beach Smoke E CigaretteVaping Power

The power of South Beach Smoke batteries is another feature which potentially sets them apart. An independent e cig expert proclaimed the SBS SuperMax battery to be as powerful as the name suggests. You get more vaporizing experience and recharge them less often.

The portable charging case is also powerful and extremely convenient if you use standard batteries (not the extra-long ones). This is great if you travel.

Design Strategy

Each electronic cigarette company is looking for a niche; some way to grab consumers’ attention. Bright colors of batteries and cartridges seem to attract many individuals, but SBS consumers prefer their e cig experience to be much like the old way minus the toxic cloud and lung cancer. Their cartridges are orange with a skinny colored ring to signify a flavor. The battery is white, like cigarette paper.

Other Special Points

A lot of consumers are looking for products made in the U.S. because they want to support their national economy. Ingredients for South Beach Smoke cartridges are made in the U.S.A.

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