Starfire Cigs Review

StarFire eCigs are the perfect alternative to traditional smoking; without the tar, the nasty and messy ashes, and no smelly clothes hanging in your closet or on your body.

Starfire E Cig KitWhile many people enjoy smoking cigarettes, there are many inconveniences that often accompany the experience.

The most obvious is the negative health consequences from toxins present in tobacco processing.

Electronic cigarettes are offering people opportunities to upgrade their smoking experience. One of the most popular brands in the marketplace is Starfire eCigs.

The Better Alternative

Starfire was once an up and comer but now they have removed themselves from the game. This article still stands as a testament of what they could have been if their crappy management team had not run them into the ground. We are now promoting another brand in their place…

Check ’em out, they definitely have what you are looking for in a quality vaping product!

Starfire Cigs brand of e-cigarettes offers users serious benefits over smoking traditional tobacco. The most important benefit is that when one inhales a Starfire e-cigarette, one is only inhaling a mixture of nicotine and water vapor, leaving out numerous toxic chemicals such as tar that is often found in normal cigarettes.

This theoretically should decrease some of the hazards associated with smoking traditional cigarettes, though nothing has been scientifically proven on this front.

There are major convenience factors also stemming from the streamlined composition of the smoke. It has no tobacco smoke smell, which will allow you to comfortably smoke around your friends without them subtly coughing as a polite way of saying, ‘please go outside to do that.’ Because of the lack of a noxious smell, Starfire Cigs are allowed in most bars and restaurants that ban smoking. You also do not have to worry about finding an ashtray, or accidentally staining your carpet from cigarette ashes.

One of the most important benefits is the price. Due to all the massive number of sin taxes put on traditional cigarettes, the price of a pack has gone ‘through the roof’ over the years. E-cigarette cartridge refills are thus much cheaper and can save a smoker hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. With nine different flavors and three different strengths of nicotine available in Starfire Cigs products, you also get a wider variety of smoking experiences in addition to the cheaper price.

Starfire Cigs have provided many Americans with a significant upgrade to their smoking regimen. You can experience the benefits of e-cigarettes as well.

The video above will show exactly what you can expect as you open up and sort through your very own Starfire starter kit. It couldn’t be any simpler to make the switch from traditional smokes to these electronic cigarettes and you’ll find the process to be extremely user friendly and rewarding at the same time.

Starfire Cigarettes are the economical, environmentally aware, and satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. Check out some of the wonderful and interesting eCig flavors that Starfire offers for discerning consumers by clicking on the pic below and get started with your own vaping adventure right now…

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  1. PNN Online says:

    I felt that way too when i first believed of trying ecigs. I wanted a marlboro flavored 1, so i attempted the Blu classic tobacco and it was great. it does not taste like a cigarette but much more like tobacco smells. following using only ecigs for awhile i discovered that I would by no means want one that tastes like a real cigarette! Genuine Cigarettes really start to taste disgusting after you switch. Vivid Vanilla will be the best! Ecigs helped me quit smoking totally now!!

  2. Brooke Taylor says:

    Wow. it looks like menthol flavor. Where can I buy that item?

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