V2 Cigs Review

The V2 e cig rose to the forefront of America’s e cig manufacturers in the last few years. This is the time it has taken for electronic smoking to become a mainstream activity among people who once relied on real cigarettes for their nicotine fix. In this V2 E Cigs review find out why this brand is considered #1 of the top e cig brands.

Important Business Features

Whatever kind of product a company sells, it has to back up this product. V2 does that in several ways. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Every client is given a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if they are unsatisfied for any reason customers can send their e cigs back at no cost.

E liquid batches are quality tested and numbered. If there is something wrong with your flavor cartridge or refill liquid, the number allows a customer service representative to look at a specific batch and learn if any other customers have had problems with that same batch. Customer service is available online or via a toll free telephone number. This makes a difference in the long run to the quality of everyone’s product and is an interesting feature.

Check out the clearance section for items sold at discount prices. Sign up as an affiliate and make money by smoking and recommending V2 to your friends.

Shipping is available worldwide. Do you know someone overseas who is a dedicated smoker and is trying to quit for her health? Show her what V2 has to say about switching to electronic smoking and the nice list of benefits.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter KitProducts from V2

Your standard cigarette consists of a white battery portion (resembling a normal cigarette) and a colored cartridge. The color indicates which flavor you are smoking. This end is the part you puff on and contains flavor and an atomizer to heat liquid until it vaporizes.

These cigs are designed for users who like a look and feel which is much like their old cigs. This is what you get in a starter kit along with a USB adaptor, wall charger, and other parts according to the kit you buy.

For women who like a chic cigarette (or men who prefer a slim style) Vapor Couture is the electronic cigarette’s answer to high fashion. Buy yours in a single color (deep purple, rose gold, Signature, or brushed platinum) or purchase one of each battery and cartridge to change with your outfit, event, or mood. V2 is supplying products for people who see e cigs as fashion accessories.

Buy disposable products from V2. In some versions, like the Sparkly V2 Couture disposable, strength is set at 1.2%. With other disposables (and flavor cartridges or refill liquid in general), conveniently select not just flavor but strength of nicotine too.

Refillable Blanks

V2 has given a lot of thought to consumers’ questions and concerns in the last few years, especially efficiency and leakage. Clear blanks are interesting to look at and serve a purpose. When you refill them with liquid you can see the blank fill up so there is no overflow mess or waste. You also know when you are due to top up the blank with more liquid. Refill these as many as 20 times until you have to throw them out. The screw top stops leaks and the whole thing is more efficient than ever before.

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