What Exactly Is A Cartomizer?

So, what is a cartomizer?

Simply put, it’s a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer that aids in the production of vapor for smokeless cigarettes.

It’s an eCig accessory that many use to simplify the process of vaping.

I know… pretty simple stuff, huh?

The cartomizer connects directly to the battery of the eCig unit and makes vaping much more convenient than having to constantly reload your eCig liquid.

As you can imagine, there are way too many makes and models of cartomizers to list them all right here. They also tend to be less pricey than using a combo of a cartridge and an atomizer as separate units.

There is also no discernible difference in the flavors associated with puffing from cartomizers as opposed to more traditional units. It all comes down to a matter of preference…


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